The Dressmaker

Tonight’s Joxer Film Review is of The Dressmaker,an Australian produced film starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth..

Winslet plays a femme fatale dressmaker called Tilly who comes back to her hometown somewhere in the Australian outback after nearly 2 decades away following the death of a young boy which she was accused of killing.Will the town welcome her back,will she act out vengeance on the person who had her exiled and will she find love?

This is a wonderfully dark,sometimes camp,witty comic drama with tongue planted firmly in cheek,especially from Judy Davis as gloriously sarky mother and Hugo Weaving as wonderfully eccentric camp cop who has a thing for feather boa’s.There are some seriously laugh-out-loud moments in this film,Judy Davis’ mother steals the show as an Aussie version of Patsy from Ab-Fab and the writing,acting and scenery is superb.

I thoroughly recommend this film for anyone who has a wonky,weird sense of humour and a love of quirky aussie films,this is up there with Priscilla:Queen of the Desert as far as Aussie cinema goes..

excellent film

Joxer Film Rating



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