Time for the Joxer Film Review of Deadpool…

The first of this years not so-Super Hero movies has arrived at the big screens and wow,what a way to start the year of comic book films madness..!

Starring Ryan Reynolds in the role he was made for,Deadpool begins as it intends to continue,With a blood soaked bullet ridden opening scene that makes you realise that this is no ordinary Marvel film,This is the film adult fans have been waiting for since Iron Man burst into our lives 8 years ago..

“The Merc with the Mouth” gives the audience exactly what it wants,with laughs and guts from the opening credits until the end credits and beyond.

The back story,For all it’s worth,Is that mercenary Wade Wilson [Reynolds] is riddled with cancer and reluctantly receives treatment and a cure from a backstreet secret organisation,only to discover that he has been deceived by them and is now a disfigured,avocado looking S.O.B with revenge on his mind..

From there on in it’s carnage and cartilage as bullets rain down,limbs are dismembered and one-liners fly out quicker than you can say “testicles with teeth” as Deadpool seeks out the evil baddie that created our Anti-hero..

It’s a superb movie from beginning to end,the jokes are ripe and raw,the dialogue fast and slick and Reynolds has finally got rid of the dead duck that was The Green Lantern..

The only drawback that immediately comes to mind is that the baddie is not baddie enough,a common theme with Marvel movies,But other than that just go with the [blood] flow and enjoy this wonderful film with nods and winks to all fans of comic books and films throughout..

Is this the best Marvel movie yet..?

yes,it could quite possibly be..

Joxer Film Rating 10/10


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