Time for a Joxer Film Review of Goosebumps..

Starring Jack Black as a mysterious writer living next door to a mother and son who have moved from New York to the small town of Madison,Delaware [“couldn’t you have picked somewhere nice like Guantanamo Bay,North Korea or Detroit?”],All Hell breaks loose when new neighbour Zac breaks into Black’s house thinking that Black’s daughter Hannah was being attacked and accidently releases a bunch of evil critters from Black’s magical novels,it’s then up to Zac,Hannah,Stine [Black] and Champ to get all the monsters,ghouls and horrible things back into the books before their town is destroyed..

The film is a witty and often wonderful family film with hints of Gremlins and Jumanji in it,The evil ventriloquists dummy [“don’t call me dummy!”] is very,very creepy and the stuff of nightmares but the film flows quite nicely along without going completely overblown.Black thankfully reins in his often over-eagerness in other films and it means that the whole cast get to shine and the spotlight is not just on him,which was quite a relief..

The film may not be suitable for younger viewers though,there are some moments in it that would make the most hardened Doctor Who fan hide behind a sofa,especially when people are being chased by werewolves,zombies and evil killer gnomes!

All in all an enjoyable film for half term week and worth a viewing if you have bored kids..

Joxer Film Rating..



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