Time for the Joxer Film Review of Spotlight..

Set in Boston 2001,This film tells the story of how the Boston Globe exposed the child abuse scandal of Catholic priests and the cover-up that followed..

Starring Michael Keaton,Mark Ruffalo,Rachel McAdams and a host of other fine actors,This film is a “tour de force” in the same vein as All The President’s Men was back in the 1970’s.It is,And will become,A modern classic on how to do a film without needing action scenes or special effects to keep a film flowing for 2 hours.I was engrossed from the first minute until the last by how well the cast and writers effortlessly kept the story going even though they barely left the confines of the offices of the Boston Globe and spent most of the time just scribbling things on notepads.

The acting is an all round triumph,especially from Ruffalo and it is worth viewing as soon as you can if you want to see a film done properly..

Joxer Film Rating 10/10


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