The Finest Hours


Time for the Joxer Film Review of The Finest Hours starring Chris Pine,Casey Afleck and Holliday Grainger..


Chris Pine is the heroic captain of a small coastguard boat that gets sent out to sea to rescue the crew of a ship stranded at sea when Casey Afleck’s ship breaks in half during a storm off the US coast in 1951.Will he get to them in time or will they all perish in the storm..?

It’s a decent film,with good acting from a good ensemble cast and stunning storm scenes but it’s all a bit “safe”.It lacks the edge-of-the-seat drama and intensity that a film about survival needs to keep the audience engrossed.It’s also very “dreckly”,There are loads of times in the first half hour of the film where instead of dashing off to do things they just sit around and drink tea in the mess room and everthing is done at a slow pace with little enthusiasm.

The action scenes are well done with plenty of rough seas and Perfect Storm type scenario’s but once again falls under the Disney “safe mode” category with little to grab you by the scruff of your neck and get the adrenalin going.As far as storms go this is a mild breeze..

Holliday Grainger manages to be good and annoying in equal doses as she stands up for her man against Eric Bana’s character whilst leaving her coat behind and crashing her car the moment she doesn’t get what wants..

All in all it’s a good but not great film,in the same way Bridge of Spies was as well,it’s all very “middle of the road”,it’s got the story,it’s got the cast but it lacks that extra spark to take it to the next level..

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