The Boy

The Joxer Film Review of The Boy..

Set in modern day England,The Boy stars Lauren Cohen as Greta an American leaving her woes and American ex-boyfriend behind and taking up a job as a nanny to [what she thinks before getting there] an 8 year old boy named Brahms.Brahms however is not your average 8 year old boy for he is a doll created by his parents after Brahms dies in a fire 25 years ago..

Needing the money Greta reluctantly takes the job and the elderly couple leave her alone in the country house with Brahms whilst they go for a short break.At this time she meets the “grocery boy” Malcolm who tells her the past story of Brahms and that the boy was “a little odd” after The Boy doll starts taking things of Greta’s and moving on it’s own around the house,is the doll possessed or are other things afoot?

It’s a slow burner of a movie with the typical nods to Hitchcock’s Pyscho and Stephen King books aplenty.The obligatory shower scene is here as are references to Gaslight and People Under the Stairs.It’s all methodical mood and gothic candles for the first three quarters of the film but then for the last part of the film all Hell breaks lose once the American Ex-boyfriend appears in the games room from nowhere [or Montana]..

A very bizzare ending that doesn’t quite justify the remainder of the film and instead of jumping out of your skin you end up laughing like a loon at the fiasco of a finale..

is it worth 90 minutes of your money?

yes,it’s enjoyable but not something that will live long in the genre of horror movies,Although I suspect there may be a sequel at some stage..

more giggles than scares..

Joxer Film Rating 6/10


2 thoughts on “The Boy

  1. I look forward to watch “The boy”,I try to watch everything but drama and romance.Trailer looks good,but so many dolls reach the white screen,enough is enough,but I’ll have to see otherwise my opinion means blablabla your description of the ending hmmm a happy ending ? a funny ending ? an absurd ending ? maybe it convinces me NOT to watch a sequal lol


  2. Well,it seems like I’ll have to adjust my opinion.Bhrams,the boy,is not like any other movie doll,his looks are no spoiler,I compare him with the “The Omen” boy,well dressed,creepy expression.The mansion is a classic so is its interior.Unlike Joxer Film,I don’t think there’s gonna be a sequel because only “The Boy” is fascinating creepy and odd,see for yourself and judge,I want to tell more,but people sharing spoilers aren’t popular! LOL my rating is 6/10 for seeing it once,seeing it more times will lower my ranking

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