Eddie The Eagle

The Joxer Film Review of Eddie The Eagle..

Starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, this film tells the true[ish] story of unlikely British Olympic hero Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards and his unending ambition of being an Olympian in one form or another..

The film starts with Eddie as a young boy trying his best to be the best in everything only to be put down by his father [Keith Allen] and encouraged by his mother [Jo Hartley] to never give up on his dreams,Even when he is dropped by the British Winter Olympic downhill skiing executives led by Dustin Target [Tim Mcinnerney].Eddie finds a loophole of getting to the 1988 Calgary Olympics by becoming a ski-jumper and sets off for Germany to learn how to ski-jump within a year so he can get to Canada without the interference of the GB Olympic hierarchy.It’s here that he realises that it’s a bit harder than he thought and after landing on his backside more than once eventually convinces ex-ski-jumper and alcoholic loser Bronson Peary [Hugh Jackman] to become his reluctant trainer..

We then spend time with Edwards and Peary as they fight their own demons and bureaucracy from the “powers that be” to keep them away from Calgary and complete their own personal goals of redemption and success..

This truly is a wonderful,feel good,uplifting film.It ticks all the right boxes and pleases the heart from beginning to the very end.You believe in the characters,you become immersed in their emotional roller-coaster ride,the skiing scenes are realistic and edge of your seat stuff and you want to jump in the air from the comfort of your seat with the finale.

Yes,there are going to be comparisons to Cool Runnings as the 2 films are set at the same event but this film gives Cool Runnings a “nudge and a wink” within the film as if to say “yeah,we know,so what,who cares!?”.

It’s a laugh out loud,brilliantly acted,family friendly film,It’s the best thing Hugh Jackman has been in for ages and you come out at the end with chest out proud and ready to take on the world..

I thoroughly recommend this to all…

excellent film,just go and see it and thank me later!

Joxer Film Rating 9/10


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