Angry Birds: The Movie


The Joxer Film Review of Angry Birds: The Movie

Based on the computer game [I’ve never played it] , Angry Birds: The Movie starts on Bird Island inhabited full of flightless birds with “Red” as a “bird clown” arriving one minute late for a Hatching Day party and promptly getting angry with the client and shoving a gluten-free cake in his clients face, setting off a chain of events which eventually sees him sent to anger management classes where he meets to Chuck and Bomb who are there for their own “crimes”.Eventually a boat arrives on the island sailed by pigs from Piggy Island [keep up with me here] who claim to be one thing but of course are totally the other [prepare your boo’s]..

The birds welcome their new guests with open wings apart from Red who sees them for what they are and after the pigs steal the birds eggs and sail back to Piggy Island it’s up to Red and his now angry friends to save the day and rescue the eggs before they become omelette’s for the pigs..

All makes perfect sense doesn’t it..?

This is a extremely funny and witty movie, the animation is excellent and the story is fine.

The kids will be entertained from the word go and so will anyone that has played the game.There is plenty to keep anyone that hasn’t played the game or doesn’t have a clue about what all the fuss is about entertained as well.The visual gags are great and I found it highly amusing throughout..

The kids in attendance seemed to be engrossed with it, especially the toilet humour parts and there is enough to keep the adults entertained as well..

worth a viewing on a Saturday morning to keep the kids quiet for 90 minutes..

Joxer Film Rating



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