Top Cat: Begins


The Joxer Film Review of Top Cat: Begins

Based on the perennial  cartoon Top Cat, this film tells of a back story of how the gang got together.

Benny is a penniless street busker living with his mother,Choo-Choo,Brains and Fancy-Fancy are unemplyed circus acts and TC is the street-smart con artist trying to make a “quick buck”.TC and Benny steal a bunch of diamonds from Mr Big and need protection from Officer Dibble after Mr Big sends his Goons to get the diamonds back..

Basically that is the story that is supposed to keep the film going for 90 minutes.It fails miserably!

This film has some of the worst animation I’ve seen since the 1980’s, it’s as if the Mexican animators have never heard of or seen a cartoon since the days of Dangermouse or He-Man,it is truly dreadful, I think a first year graphics/art student could make a better cartoon than this piece of drivel!

The story is weak, the writing appears to have been done by a 5 year old on a back of a Weetabix box during play-time in the school yard.

The film is 90 minutes of sheer utter,utter boredom, the kids in the cinema were fidgeting in their seats wanting to get out of the place after the opening sequence and they wasn’t the only ones!

The film has none of the spirit or the cheekiness of the tv series,it has absolutely no soul and has to be one of the worst animated movies I have seen in a very long time.Not even an opening sequence tribute to Reservoir Dogs [I know,don’t ask] could save this big pile of kitty litter of a movie..

Avoid at all costs!

Joxer Film Rating 1/10


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