The Nice Guys


The Joxer Film Review of The Nice Guys..

Starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as two 1978 Private Investigators who end up working together after they find out that they are both separately working on the same case of a missing girl Amelia, who could provide evidence to the death of a porn star Misty Mountain and expose a major conspiracy in the car industry..

The case brings the two PI’s into conflict with a nefarious bunch of hoodlums and villains also intent on finding the missing Amelia before she can spill the beans..

The film is a throw-back to the old buddy-cop movies of yesteryear like 48 Hours and a hint of The Sweeney with some rich dialogue and clever in-jokes and some very funny comedic moments.Crowe is especially funny as the straight-talking no nonsense bruiser whilst Gosling plays the fool quite happily, if sometimes a bit too much.Angourie Rice is excellent as the foul mouthed daughter of Gosling and is the glue between the two main stars of the film as she helps the pair to try and solve the case.Kim Basinger also makes an appearance as the missing girls mother and a high ranking member of the US Court of Justice and the villains are wonderfully OTT and full of nastiness..

It’s not the greatest movie you will ever see,when it works it works well but some bits do fall flat on it’s face, but if you want a bit of retro 70’s fashion with a disco soundtrack and some decent acting and plenty of laughs then this is well worth a viewing..

Joxer Film Rating 7/10


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