Central Intelligence

The Joxer Film Review of Central Intelligence..

Starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, the film starts in 1996 with Johnson’s character being publicly humiliated by a bunch of bullies at school with only Hart’s High School student of the year character coming to his rescue.

20 years later Calvin Joyner [Hart] is in a dead-end accounting job, the total opposite of what he thought he would achieve 20 years earlier and receives a Facebook friend request at his office from a Bob Stone which turns out to be Robbie Wheirdicht [Johnson] using an alias name.They agree to meet up for a beer and It turns out that Robbie is now a CIA agent and is on the run from his bosses because he has a code data on him that can bring down the US satellite system.Is Robbie a rogue agent called the Black Badger that killed his partner or is he being stitched up by someone else?

This is a highly enjoyable film from start to finish,the comedy is quick,witty and Hart/Johnson are an excellent double act.This is probably The Rock’s finest performance on screen,he is charismatic and it shows his comedic talent throughout and Hart brings the best out of him.The plot keeps you guessing from beginning to end and the film doesn’t disappoint in keeping everyone entertained.

It is a lot better than I ever hoped it could be and I was highly impressed with the all round performances.There are plenty of laugh out loud moments but isn’t taxing on the brain,just enjoy the ride and go with the flow..

well worth a viewing..

Joxer Film Rating



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