The Secret Life of Pets


The Joxer Film Review of Secret Life of Pets..

From the makers of Minions comes The Secret Life of Pets starring the voices of Louis C K,Eric Stonestreet,Ellie Kemper and Kevin Hart.

It features a story based on what our pets do when we are not around.

Max is terrier,spoiled rotten by his owner Katie,who spends his days hanging out with the apartment block’s other pets and  just waiting for her to return home to spoil him more.One day however,she brings back another dog named Duke and this doesn’t bode well with Max who tries to get Katie to get rid of Duke by making “accidents” look like Duke’s fault.One day however,the pets are taken for their daily trip to the park and Duke gets his revenge on Max but they both end up in a back alley with a bunch of strays and caught by the local animal patrol but are rescued by a crazy bunny breaking out one of his “gang”,will Max and Duke join Snowball the rabbit’s gang and work for him? .Soon their pet friends realise they are missing and go off searching for their pet pals in the mean streets [and sewers] of New York,will they find them and get them home before Snowball corrupts Max and Duke forever or before the Animal Patrol catches them again..?

This is a good film without being great,in fact it’s very “meh” at times, it doesn’t live up to it’s expectations in the trailers and flatters to deceive.The story plods along and gets quite turgid at times and the original promise of what our pets do whilst we are away disappears very quickly into something just plain ridiculous and stupid.The animation is ok but not great,the script is a let down and often lazy and the comedy is only saved by the characters of Snowball, Gidget and Chloe who bring crazyness and charm to an otherwise limp film.

The film does have a few laugh out loud moments but isn’t a patch on Zootropolis and the nudge and the wink of what secrets our pets have fizzles out after about 20 minutes..

very disappointing film that promised much but delivered little..

Joxer Film Rating



2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets

  1. according to the trailer I to say “that”s fun” at first,but even in the trailer only 1 part of 4 is wauw and the other 3 meh,and another point,it looks very stressfull,to much aaaaah and oooooh yelling.I’m not going to watch this unless one of my grandchildren asks me to


  2. Good review. Trailer is definitely very promising and I don’t think the movie quite lived up to it. I think it’s still worth a rental though, but yeah not as good as Zootopia or most of Pixar’s movies 🙂


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