The Joxer Film Review of Ghostbusters

Starring Melissa McCarthy,Kristen Wiig,Kate Mckinnon,Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters starts with Erin [Wiig] as a teacher at an university who finds out that an old friend Abby [,McCarthy] has being selling a book they wrote together years earlier about paranormal activity without her knowledge jepardising her chances of promotion in the process.Erin sets off to confront Abby at her lab/office only to time it just as a report of a ghostly experience at an old mansion occurs.Abby,Erin and her nuclear technician friend Jillian Holtzman [McKinnon] head off to the mansion to investigate and are confronted by a spectre which promptly slimes Erin which makes her join Abby and Jillian in finding out more about the ghostly apparitions..

They set up their own company and discover over time that someone is setting off “ghost bombs” to encourage a breach between the other plain and the living.With the help of street-wise Patty  [Jones] who joins the team and their clueless secretary Kevin [Hemsworth] they set about saving New York from the impending doom created by the evil Rowan who is intent on bringing the dead to the land of the living..

This is one of those films that is going to split the audience in half.If you are die-hard fan of the classic 1984 version then this film will probably annoy you but if you go and watch it with an open-mind then you will be pleasantly surprised by it for it is an enjoyable, entertaining, funny movie with plenty in it for everyone.The script isn’t great but the FX make up for that and the chemistry between the cast is good,especially from McKinnon,Jones and Hemsworth who seem to be having a great time in it and keep the laughs coming thick and fast.Jones especially is a delight in this and steals the show with her wit and comedy and Hemsworth shows that he is not just a Marvel beefcake with some excellent, well timed straight-laced quips of his own and some excellent dance moves during the end credits.The 3D is excellent and the cast give it their all.There are plenty of cameo’s to keep the die-hards [hopefully] entertained as well.There is also a bit right at the very end of the credits so stay until the end..

All round, this film is much better than we all feared and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it carries it’s head high in the shadow of the original film which looms over it at all times..

It was a brave move by all to make this film and they succeed [mostly] to stand their own but it isn’t a patch on the original but I doubt it ever could be..

A very entertaining, spookily spectacular




3 thoughts on “Ghostbusters

  1. I’m a die hard from the original,must see it to judge fairly.My opinion seeing the trailer and your preview it is better then Ghostbusters 2 with the original cast,so yes I’ll go and watch even if I am a die hard. (btw I’m a gamer and the game of this movie is excellent to)

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  2. much better than Ghostbusters 2,try and see it in 3D if you can,very clever way they used the 3D to get the ghosts to come off the screen


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