The Legend of Tarzan


Starring Alexander Skarsagard in the title role, The Legend of Tarzan starts with the aftermath of the Berlin Conference with the Congo being split in two between the UK and Belgium.Prince Leopold of Belgium is going bankrupt and sends his envoy Leon Rom [Christoph Waltz] into the wilds of the jungle to extract the legendary diamonds of Opar to pay for his railroads to be built in his part of Congo.Rom and his team are ambushed by Chief Mbongo and his tribe and only Rom survives,Mbongo tells Rom that he will give him diamonds for his railroad if he captures and brings him Tarzan.Rom agrees and lures Tarzan and his wifeJane [Margot Robbie]  [who is now in England as Lord Greystoke] back to the jungle where Rom kidnaps Jane,will Tarzan save Jane and the jungle animals from the evil Belgians?

Based on the classic story by Edgar Rice Burroughs,this film is brought to the screen by the people behind the last 4 Harry Potter movies and is an enjoyable,if predictable and often slow-paced film that does exactly what it says on the tin..

The CGI is good without being great,the 3D isn’t that spectacular,the action scenes are excellent and it feels more like a Marvel super-hero film than a classic re-telling of the book and the story is a bit heavy,the action takes a while to get going in-between the drawn out dialogue at the start of the film and the flash-back scenes do get a bit confusing at times.The back-story in London is not really all that necessary and Christoph Waltz plays the part of Christoph Waltz as he always does in all the films he’s been in.Margot Robbie is fine as a feisty Jane,who one can imagine can look after her own without being a damsel in distress.Samuel L Jackson plays a Samuel L Jackson role without the profanity of a Quentin Tarantino movie and Skarsgard’s Greystoke slowly but surely removes all articles of clothing once he enters the jungle to reveal his real Tarzan animalistic-self and his abs steal the show,much to the delight of all the women watching in the cinema..

If you just want an enjoyable couple of hours of pleasant,non-offending super-hero-style action eye-candy then this is a film to see,if you want something more cerebral then watch something else.It just needed more action and less chat..

It’s what I am expecting the ‘Marvel’ Black Panther film to be like..

an above average but hardly inspiring action film with just enough to keep the audience going until the end.

One for the ladies to enjoy

Joxer Film Rating, a chest thumping




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