Star Trek: Beyond


To boldly go into the 3rd film of the re-booted franchise starring Chris Pine,Zachary Quinto,Karl Urban,Zoe Saldana and with a story co-written by Simon Pegg, the film starts 3 years into the Enterprise’s mission with a Captain Kirk getting a bit fed up with the same thing day in day out whilst exploring strange new worlds and civilisations and craving a bit of excitement in his [and his crew’s] lives.This comes when they receive a distress call from a ship under attack in a non-charted nebula.Rushing to the rescue Kirk and Co find themselves ambushed and have to abandon ship as the crew are captured and the Enterprise is destroyed.It’s up to Kirk,Spock,Bones,Scotty and Checkov,with the aid of Jaylah,an alien scavenger stuck on the same planet to rescue the crew and stop the evil Krall [Idris Elba] from carrying out his evil plans of doom and destruction..

This film is a rip-roaring, action-packed, edge of your seats sci-fi movie from beginning to end.The cast are now at home in their roles as the rebooted crew of the Enterprise and the story [unlike the previous film] is an excellent original story so there is no second guessing what’s to come next.

Chris Pine has the role of Kirk down to a T[iberius] now and you almost feel as if you are watching William Shatner in his pomp.The SFX are superb, totally engrossing and captivating the audience and making them believe they are part of the film.Sofia Boutella is great as the feisty scavenger Jaylah who almost steals the film from the main cast with her wit and charisma.

This is a film that needs to be seen in 3D if possible..

set your phasers to 2 hours of “stunning Summer spectacular” for this is the best of the 3 reboots by a country mile..

Joxer Film Rating



5 thoughts on “Star Trek: Beyond

  1. As ever, a reasoned review from someone who loves ‘the movies’. Have promised Lovely Husband I’ll go and see this with him (but only after reading the Joxster piece). Always a balanced appraisal and my “go to” reviewer when it comes to forking out cold hard cash for a trip to the cinema

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  2. The further in future we boldly go,the more agressive Star Trek action becomes,I’m very excited to go see everything Star Trek will release,but hope the exploring will get part of it again.


  3. Meanwhile I’ve watched it and I’m very satisfied.The cast is now a worthy experienced crew,the effects are great,surprising soundtrack………,great plot and there was an exploration so skip previous comment haha well earned 10/10

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