Finding Dory


Starring Ellen Degeneres as the voice of Dory and with a stellar voice cast including Ed O’Neill, Albert Brooks and Kaitlin Olsen, the Pixar/Disney follow-up to the 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo finds the short-term memory losing Dory remembering bits of her early life and sets off in search of her parents with a little help from Marlin and Nemo which takes her to a marine life hospital where she meets a whole new [to her anyway] bunch of creatures as her search continues and new adventures await.

This is an enjoyable and fun follow-up with DeGeneres in fine form and Ed O’Neill stealing the show as the grumpy “Septapod” Hank the Octopus [as Dory calls him] trying to escape the Marine Life Centre he is in.The jokes come thick and fast and it’s all nice in a Pixar kind of way.Everything is in it’s place and there’s a place for everything but it’s all a bit too familiar and at times a bit too twee.There’s plenty to keep the family entertained and it’s a very good sequel but although it’s well worth a viewing you are left with the thought that Finding Nemo was a much better film than what’s in front of you, but don’t let that put you off as it’s definitely worth a viewing on a dull,wet August day whilst the kids are off school.In fact,the kids in attendance did look as if they were enthralled with the animation as you would expect with a Pixar movie but it just lacked that extra spark to turn a good film into a very good film..

unlike Dory,I remember the first film..

Joxer Film Rating



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