Jason Bourne


Directed by Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon returns for the 5th installment in the franchise as the former CIA assassin and amnesiac Jason Bourne as he tries to uncover hidden truths about his past..

When former CIA operative Nicky Parsons [Julia Stiles] hacks into the CIA database and steals information on Bourne from Reykjavik in Iceland, CIA Director Dewey [Tommy Lee Jones] orders CIA “cyber-head” Heather Lee [Alicia Vikander] to find the pair at all costs and unleashes “The Asset” to track them down,so begins the deadly game of “cat and mouse” but which is which?

The film starts and ends with 2 excellent action scenes,the first is an excellent [if over-long] motorbike chase through the streets of Athens and the other is a mega-stunt driven, high octane car chase through the streets of Las Vegas and keeps the film afloat..just!

And I mean..just!

For in between these two excellent action packed sequences there is very little happening apart from Matt Damon briskly walking through lobbies of the airports of the capital cities of the world and plugging things into computers,people scowling and CIA agents walking around with a finger in their ear and talking into their wrists and going up and down in lifts [escalators]  whilst trying to track Bourne in all theses countries, and I mean they do this a lot, quite a lot, in fact if you were to play a Jason Bourne “baddies going in a lift” drinking game you could get very drunk very quickly playing it..

It seems the entire budget was used for the opening and end sequences but yet the film is still enjoyable and relevant and that is entirely because the story is modern and believable from beginning to end and nearly makes you forget about all the lifts/escalators,fingers in ears and Tommy Lee Jones getting grumpier by the minute and the bags under his eyes getting bigger by the scene [did they not let him sleep whilst filming?].

In the end it is a just above average film but I did feel as if I had been conned by the 2 action scenes being great and the rest of the film being just “filler” until the final showdown but I would still recommend it even though it isn’t a patch on the far superior Daniel Craig Bond films..

A mediocre “meh”,watch Skyfall or Spectre on dvd instead..

Joxer Film Rating

6/10 [for the film]

10/10 for the 2 action scenes at the start/finish


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