Suicide Squad


Set in the same timeline as Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad is a crack[pot] team of anti-hero super-villains assembled to help the Midway City authorities capture even worse villains of meta-human qualities whilst Batman and Co are busy elsewhere forming The Justice League..

Starring Will Smith as Deadshot,Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as The Joker, this film is a comic book film reminiscent of The Dirty Dozen and almost pulls it off as being one of DC/Warner’s better offerings of late..

Amanda Waller [Viola Davis] enlists these anti-hero’s against their will with an offering of a reduced prison sentence if they carry out a deadly mission to stop one of their own from taking over the world and enslaving the human race.So,led by Rick Flagg, the Suicide Squad as they call themselves prepare to fight the enemy.There is a catch though,they’ve each been implanted with an explosive micro-chip that will kill them if they try to escape or if Flagg gets killed.Will they succeed in their mission to save the planet and will they find a way to flee Waller and her nefarious ways at the same time?

The plot,to be fair is quite flimsy but this is a comic book movie not Citizen Kane so that is to be expected and as it’s a DC movie it is quite dark and not full of many laughs.Saying that though,there are enough laughs [mainly from Harley Quinn] to keep everyone who likes their comic book films with a bit of humour satisfied.There is a lot of brooding from El Diablo [Jay Hernandez] as he fights his own personal demons,giving his character some substance and we do get a back story on most of the characters at the start of the film.

The problem with the film is a lack of “bite” from the Super-Villains.Apart from Harley Quinn and El Diablo,the rest of the cast just aren’t villainy enough.Will Smith is totally miscast as Deadshot,who comes across as a downtroden wet behind the ears loser who just wants to be with his daughter instead of an assassin for hire who just thinks of the money in his pocket.Harley Quinn is the star of the show here,Margot Robbie nails it with her acting as the messed up psychotic lover of The Joker who craves a “normal” life.Leto’s Joker also doesn’t live up to expectations and at times comes across a bit “Johnny Depp” in accent..

The film is definately worth a viewing though,it’s a good film aimed solely for the young male audience that just doesn’t quite get there as a great film.It just needed that extra “oomph” with more character depth and the cameo’s from certain Superhero’s don’t quite save it either as it gets a bit lost along the way with the plot.The CGI is great,the 3D was exceptional and The soundtrack is fantastic and fits in great with the film and anything that features Harley Quinn drinking coffee in her cell listening to Bohemian Rhapsody gets a thumbs up from me.

All in all though,it does fit nicely into the latest Batman franchise and leads into the next installment.If there is to be a follow-up to this film then it needs to find a bit of backbone  in the characters and less Will Smith..

As someone I know would say it’s “an enjoyable bit of froth”

Joxer Film Rating





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