Pete’s Dragon


Starring Bryce Dallas Howard,Karl Urban,Robert Redford and Oakes Fedley as Pete, this is a remaking of the classic 1977 Disney cartoon.

The film tells the story of a young boy called Pete who is lost in the woods near a town called Millhaven after being in a car crash and is seperated from his parents and is befriended by a dragon he names Elliot after a character in a book he has on him at the time.

6 years later Mr Meacham [Redford] enthralls the local kids of tales of a dragon that lives in the woods.His Park Ranger daughter Grace [Howard] thinks his stories are just tall tales until she discovers Pete in the woods who has been caught by her soon-to-be Brother-in-law Gavin [Urban] near a local lumberyard and Pete tells Grace how he has lived with his dragon friend Elliot all this time.Soon,Gavin and a posse head into the woods to capture the mythical dragon,will Pete,Grace and Mr Meacham be able to save Elliot before Gavin and his gang can capture him..?

This is a wonderfully entertaining Disney film.The script is well written and the acting is spot on,especially from Robert Redford who plays the soft-spoken grandfather who knows more than he’s letting excellently.

Oakes Fedley as Pete shows a charm and an innocent onscreen presence with his friend Elliot the CGI dragon.

Although the film isn’t as good visually as The Jungle Book that came out at the cinema at the beginning of the year it manages to hold it’s own and can be included as one of Disney’s better films of recent years.It is a proper family friendly film that will tug at your heart strings and make your day better for it.Children will love it,although it may not be totally suitable for the very young in the audience,the first few minutes of the film could be upsetting for them but overall,this film is an excellent family viewing during the school holidays..

Joxer Film Rating



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