Nine Lives


Starring Kevin Spacey,Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner, Nine Lives is a film about an egotistical,self centred corporate Megalomaniac Tom Brand [Spacey] who,whilst obsessed with building the biggest building in the Northern hemisphere forgets his main priorities of his family and most importantly his daughter’s birthday.

His daughter really wants a cat for her birthday and with strict instructions from his wife [Garner] to get his daughter a cat Brand ends up in Mr Purrkins [Walken] pet store.This pet store is no ordinary pet store for Mr Purrkins is a “cat whisperer” and also appears to have some magic quality with the animals.Brand ends up “purr”chasing a cat named Mr Fuzzypants and heads back to his soon-to-be opening building only to discover that one of his minions is secretly trying to oust him from his own business and take over but just as he finds this out a bolt of lightning strikes the building and Brand [with Fuzzypants] is flung over the side of the building and ends up in a coma..or is he? for no,he awakens as Mr Fuzzypants! can Brand get back to being human again by finding remorse and better quality of life or is he doomed to be a cat ever..?

This truly is a woeful movie that has been done and done and done again through the history of cinema.They may have just called the film Freaky Feline and be done with it as the plot is basically Freaky Friday but with a cat..

Spacey’s acting talents are truly wasted in this film and I hope he got paid a bucket load o money for doing it for this will not enhance his reputation as one of the finest actors around.The script is dire and the FX are awful and look so out of date.Christopher Walken barely saves the day as the mysterious Mr Purrkins and fans of the tv series The Flash may recognise a couple of the support actors in the film.Jennifer Garner must think the Daredevil film was a masterpiece compared to this..

It is targeted as a family film and the kids may just find it bearable to watch but it is so cringe-worthy bad at times that you just may use up one of your own 9 lives watching it..

This film is something you would find in the kitty litter tray..

Joxer Film Rating



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