Swallows and Amazons


Based loosely on the classic Arthur Ransome childrens book, Swallows & Amazons is set in 1936 and is about a group of middle-class children [Walker’s] on their annual holiday in the Lake District.They ask their mother if they can go camping on an island close by to where they are staying and mother reluctantly agrees.They use a small boat called Swallows to get to the island but once there they find they are not alone for another group of children [Blackett’s] who call themselves Amazons are already using it.Soon a battle commences for ownership of the island but they 2 groups of children soon discover that they are not alone for 2 foreign secret agents are after the Blackett’s uncle whom the Swallows refer to as Captain Flint,can the Swallows and Amazons put their issues with each other aside to save Captain Flint from the evil Soviets?

The film is charming,if a lot different from the book but seems dated in this day and age of computer gadgetry.

The acting is fine all around but seems all very one-paced with very little to grab the attention.The scenery is very pretty and a good advert for the Lake District but the kids are often obnoxious spoilt little middle class brats that need a good clip around the ear for their insolence and you really do expect French & Saunders Comic Strip Presents to appear at any stage in the film with good lashings of ginger ale..

Bland and predictable as this film is it does have a certain charm that will appeal to “middle Englander’s” more than any other type of cinema-goer.It is the kind of film that Americans assume all Brits are,all “hooray Henry” and “crumpets and tea at 4pm” so if a film about snobby little children in boats is your type of thing then fine,for anyone else living in the 21st century they will find it all a bit “colonial” for their liking and wonder what the heck the fuss is about..

A very outdated film in a very modern era..

Joxer Film Rating




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