Bad Moms


The Joxer Film Review of Bad Moms..

Starring Mila Kunis,Kristen Bell,Kathryn Hahn,Annie Mumolo,Jada Pinkett-Smith and Christina Applegate.

Amy Mitchell [Kunis] is a married mother of 2 who is feeling the strain of motherhood,working too hard and with too many other things in her life for her to handle.The final straw for her is when she catches her husband in an internet relationship with a dairy farmer and kicks him out thus starting a downward spiral of events that culminate in her telling the over-zealous PTA head Gwendolyn [Applegate] where to stick her bake sale plans and to go head to head with her for the position of the PTA head honcho.Will Amy and her new friends get their act together before the big vote or will their new found bad attitude and free spirit be their downfall..?

This was an unexpectedly laugh out loud comedy from the makers of The Hangover.I must admit to not going in with any high hopes for the film but found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would and laughing stupidly at the outlandish antics of a very fine cast.

Mila Kunis really shines as the down-troden housewife Amy who finds her inner bad-ass with help from her two new best friends,the foul mouthed,rather obscene Carla [Hahn] and the meek mother of 4 Kiki [Bell] who encourage each other to break the chains of humdrumness and become the people they want to be..

The Jokes come thick and fast and although the jokes are extremely crude at the best of times they are incredibly funny and done with excellent comedic timing from all of the cast.

Probably not the kind of film to watch with your grandma and definately not for young children this is a film worth watching and was a thoroughly enjoyable romp that was entertaining right until the every end.

Joxer Film Rating..

a cake bakingly brilliant



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