Sausage Party

Written by [with others] and Starring Seth Rogen, Sausage Party is an Adult animation Parody of all things Pixar,featuring the voices of Kristen Wiig [who seems to be in everything at the mo],Jonah Hill,Bill Hader,Michael Cera and James Franco.

Set in a supermarket just before the 4th of July,Frank [Rogen] and his food buddies are under the deluded impression that they are set for “The Great Beyond” once they are picked from the shelves by humans that have no idea their food products are sentient beings.After an accident involving shopping trollies, Frank, his girlfriend Brenda and Douche fall out of the trolley leaving Douche with a broken nozzle and vowing revenge on Frank for him not making it to The Great Beyond,will Frank and his food friends find out the truth about The Great Beyond before it’s too late?

The film pulls no punches,taking a swipe at everything PC,World affairs and anything else in it’s wake.

The comedy is rude,crude and in some places completely tasteless and isn’t as funny as it thinks it is.In fact it’s so content on mocking anything and everything that it becomes everything it sets out not to be,a parody of a parody is not something to be proud of.

Some of it is so crass that it was borderline insulting to the intelligence and the last 15 minutes back in the shop was just about the only thing worth laughing at as the jokes beforehand wear thin very quickly and become increasingly tiresome.

At times it reminded me of an unfunny attempt at Mel Brooks films.The animation is good and some of the jokes do hit the mark but not as often as I had hoped for.

Definitely not a film for kids nor for adults that find crass humour unfunny..

Joxer Film Rating





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