Don’t Breathe


Starring Jane Levy as Rocky and Stephen Lang as The Blind Man, Don’t Breathe is a Horror Film directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame..

A brief summary of the plot is that 3 delinquents decide to break into a blind mans house to steal his $300,000 savings before running off to Florida for a new life away from Detroit.They get more than they bargain for when the blind man turns out to be a war veteran with the skills of a ninja and turns out to be more delinquent than they are..

As horror films go this is a just about above average film.However..

One has absolutely no sympathy with any of the characters as they are all nasty piece of works so when the eventual beatings and killings and all things brutal start to happen you don’t really give a toss about the outcome.There are no heroes in this film,therefore there is nothing to like and the characters remain two dimensional and you don’t get to feel any emotion towards Rocky as she tries to escape the blind man to freedom with his money.In fact,they all get exactly what they all deserve..

As  far as enjoyment goes it’s not great for the reasons mentioned above and the film is instantly forgettable because of it.The suspense comes and goes and there are few obvious places that do make you jump out of your seat but it is nothing to get excited about apart from Stephen Lang’s wonderful portrayal as the Blind Man,it’s just a shame that he’s a nasty piece of works as well..

Joxer Film Rating..

A rather disappointing



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