Doctor Strange


Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy..?

The opening lines to Bohemian Rhapsody could very well be the byline to the latest Marvel Movies release starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the brilliant egotistical neuro-surgeon Doctor Steven Strange, who’s life changes forever after crashing his car whilst talking on his phone whilst driving [lesson number one,don’t talk on your phone!] which leaves him with crippled hands and a ruined career.Seeking solace in Kathmandu, Strange meets a mystical being called The Ancient One [Tilda Swinton] who leads him on a path of enlightenment and trains him in the mystic arts.

As all this is going on,an ex-trainee Kaecilius [Mads Mikkelson] is collecting old scrolls from the mystic library,killing all that stands in his way as he tries to become a member of the dark dimension bringing the world-eater Dormammu to destroy Earth.

it’s up to the Doctor Strange and his friends Mordo and Wong to save the Earth and it’s other-wordly dimensions..

The film is the start of Phase 3 proper for the Marvel franchise and we have come a long way since Tony Stark built an Iron Man suit in cave 8 years ago.This film has an astonishing piece of mind-bending CGI on a par with the film Inception and a storyline unimaginable for Marvel to produce successfully in 2008.The acting is superb from all concerned,with solid performances from the leading Brits and spot on humour throughout from the droll Doctor Strange.. “Wong? name? like Adele?”..

The excellent acid-trippy 3D FX enhance the film considerably bringing the new dimensions to life and opening a whole new genre for Marvel to boldly go forth into..

The only drawback is what hampers most of Marvel’s films,the villain is just not villainous enough.Mikkelson’s talents were kept on a very short leash and the viewers that know him from his work on tv as Hannibal will be wishing he had been able to bring a bit of that character to the table here.

All in all though, this film is a joy to watch and a great addition to the Marvel film universe..

Watch out for the TWO Marvel moments in the end credits,one of the clips featuring one of The Avengers and Doctor Strange and make sure you see this in 3D if you can..

A stunningly Strange film..

Joxer Film Rating



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