Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them


Directed by David Yates and from the creative wand of J K Rowling,Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is prequel spin-off from the Harry Potter franchise starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander.

a brief summary of the plot..

When a strange  dishevelled Englishman disembarks from a ship in 1926 New York carrying a tatty old suitcase at the beginning of this film, little did we know that we were about to start a journey into the wonderful world of J K Rowling that is even better than the Harry Potter movies.This is wizardry for the grown-ups,there are no annoying little kids on their way to Hogwarts in this film, this is a slightly more wonkier slant at the magical world that would eventually lead to Harry and his friends.

The afore-mentioned suitcase is a home to a wonderful world full of fantastic beasts and when some of the beasts escape it is up to Newt and his newly formed New York friends to find them before MACUSA do and before the “no-maj” [the American slang for Muggles] see these creatures in the streets.

Whilst all this is going on,a street kid named Creedence is slowly being taken over by his inner Obscurus,a dark force created by children who suppress their magic,eventually this is released into the No-Maj world and only Newt can help prevent total devastation of New York by this dark power.

on to the review

This film is an astonishing piece of creative genius and a visual delight.Eddie Redmayne plays the shy,retiring,nervous English wizard Newt flawlessly and is the nucleus of which this film expands around.The supporting cast of Colin Farrell [who does sinister portrayals for fun],Katherine Waterston,Alison Sudel and especially Dan Fogler [as Jakob] are excellent,whilst Ezra Miller is extremely creepy as the troubled Creedence.There are cameo’s galore by famous faces,although some are not that easy to recognise due to the stunning CGI used in the film so keep your eyes and ears peeled, which brings me on nicely to the 3D which is quite simply some of the best 3D seen this side of Avatar,as visually stunning as it gets as the beasts in the suitcase are brought to life for the viewer.It was a visual vastness of awesomeness,a genuinely delightful film from beginning to end and 2 hours of pure escapism and wonderment that will take awhile to be beaten.

A must see film that enthralls from beginning to end,setting the scene for future delights into the mind and mystery that is J K Rowling and the Warner Bros studios..

Joxer Film Rating..

A wand-erous



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