The Joxer Film Review of Lion, starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman and directed by Garth Davis..

Set in India [for the first part of the film] and Australia [for the second part],Lion is a film based on the Non-fiction book  A Long Way Home about a very young Indian boy called Saroo who finds himself stranded 1400 miles away from his home and adopted by an Australian couple.20 years later he has his memory jolted by a piece of Indian food and sets off to find out where he’s really from and to seek out his family.

The film starts with a bleak outlook of life in the Indian slums,a bit like an Indian version of City of God and for awhile you do wonder where this film is headed for the first half hour is subtitled and focus’ purely on the life of 5 year old Saroo as he drifts from one dodgy person to another before ending up in an orphange and adopted by Sue and John Brierley,played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham.

We then skip 20 years and thankfully the subtitles end with a grown-up Saroo played by Dev Patel who then searches for who he is and where he is from in the same kind of way as the old tv series Roots.

The acting and scenery in the film is superb,Dev Patel gives a great performance as Saroo and Nicole Kidman gives a career best performance as the motherly Sue as Saroo battles his dual personality to find out who he really is..

The best performance however goes to Sunny Pawar as the young Saroo as he finds himself completely lost and alienated in a world he does not know exists.It really is a stunning performance.

it’s a solid all round incredibly poignant and scenic film but take tissues with you for there will be tears..

Try not to be surrounded by the blue-rinse,cold tar soap brigade eating sweets and moaning about people sat in front of them though,cinema etiquette must be followed at all times..

Joxer Film Rating






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