Starring,amongst others,the voices of Scarlett Johansson,Reese Witherspoon,Taron Egerton and Seth McFarlane, Sing is an animation from the makers of Minions and Despicable Me about a failing theatre boss that just happens to be a koala who decides to hold a singing contest with a prize of a $1000 but due to a mishap by his aging gecko secretary ends up offering a prize of $100,000 on the leaflets instead.There then ensues all kinds of shenanigans and escapades as all and sundry descend on the theatre to win the prize that doesn’t exist,how will the theatre boss overcome the odds?

The film itself is a very enjoyable experience with plenty of singalong tunes and very funny quips and upbeat moments.I found myself enjoying this film far more than I thought I would and sitting there with a broad smile on my face.

The animation is excellent as one would expect from Illumination and the casting is superb,Taron Egerton shines in this film as the singing gorilla.You do really enjoy the back-stories to the “contestants” and the mishaps along the way,especially Rosita the singing pig and her contestant partner Gunther is a hoot..

The two drawbacks are that it does at times feel like an episode of Britain’s Got Talent or the Muppets movie when they are trying to save their theatre and the songs do,at times,distract from the actual story being told but if you just want a bit of a light-hearted upbeat singalong animation movie that has children dancing in the seats and totally engrossed then this is the film for you.If you don’t then stick with it as the film will put a smile on your face and make all things nice again..

Any film that features Queen music gets an automatic thumbs-up from me as well..

Joxer Film Rating



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