Hacksaw Ridge


Starring Andrew Garfield,Hugo Weaving,Sam Worthington and Vince Vaughn, Hacksaw Ridge is a biographical Second World War movie with the emphasis on the “graphic” part of biographical..

Andrew Garfield plays the part of Desmond Doss,a conscientious objector and Seventh-Day adventist who joins the US Army as a combat medic and who refuses to even touch a gun let alone use one.This puts him in direct conflict with his superiors,played excellently by Sam Worthington and the even more [surprisingly] brilliant Vince Vaughn as his Sergeant and with the rest of his army trainee’s who beat him for not following the rules.

During this time he falls in love and plans to marry his sweetheart but when he is refused leave to marry her and is about to be court-martialed  for his refusal to use to a gun his drunkard father comes to the rescue and married he becomes and off to the front line he goes,straight off to to the Battle of Okinawa and Hacksaw Ridge.Will he be able to be of use to his army buddies or will be more of a hindrance instead..?

This Mel Gibson movie has everything in it.It starts with a slow-paced love story that then evolves around Garfield’s refusal to use a weapon during wartime and then becomes an all-out war epic movie that has bomb’s blasting in front of you,body parts flying all over the screen,bullets whizzing past your earholes and kamikaze Japanese soldiers stabbing and shooting anything that moves or breathes.

I was literally hanging on to the armrests of the cinema seats for dear life as everything around me became a brutal bloodbath.To say this film is graphic could be the understatement of the year but thankfully Mel Gibson’s directing and the wonderful acting on the screen [especially Garfield and Vaughn] brings back the reins just enough to stop the film becoming a gory pastiche B-movie.The adrenalin flows off the screen and the film becomes one of the best action war movies of the modern age.

A word to the wise though,don’t sit in the front row for you will need a bullet proof vest and a tin hat to do so..

I came out of the cinema needing a very stiff drink [or 2] and a lie down in a darkened corner of the room afterwards,it is VERY full on and in your face and is not for the faint of heart..!

Joxer Film Rating

A Full Metal Jacket [with tin hat]




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