John Wick: Chapter 2


Starring Keanu Reeves and directed by Chad Stahelski,the second chapter in the neo-noir franchise sees John Wick forced to honour a blood oath and head to Rome to assassinate the sister of the person who forced the blood oath.Little does John Wick realise that he is about to be betrayed and have a “hit” placed on his head as well.How will he cope with the bounty of $7m on his head..?

if you’ve seen the first film then this film follows a similar pattern.It’s all very dark and devious with cloaks and daggers at ten paces,slow monosyllabic dialogue and fast paced action with bullets passing your ears and head shots galore.If you like that type of the thing then you are getting exactly what it says on the tin,the film doesn’t disappoint and you will get your moneys worth.If however,you like your story to have a bit more substance and the dialogue a bit more depth then you will find yourself bored with the tediousness and repetitiveness of the conversations between the characters,I know I did.Some of the acting is so wooden that you need protection from Cuprinol to sit through the film..

Saying that,the action scenes are frequent enough and high calibre enough to keep the film flowing enough to keep you entertained and Keanu Reeves plays Keanu Reeves very well.The cameo’s by Lawrence Fishbourne and Lance Reddick are welcome,Ian McShane doesn’t  totally stink up the screen and Ruby Rose is fine as the mute assassin Ares.Others in the film just make you feel happy when John Wick puts a bullet in their head,the main baddie in the film is as sinister as a marshmallow in a mug of hot chocolate and is a good cure for least no dogs die in this!

All in all,the film does what it intends to do which is get everyone ready for the next installment,this is most definitely the 2nd album syndrome film,we’ve seen it all before but this time they have a bigger budget for the action scenes and many,many,many bullets to the head..

It’s fine for viewing on a cold,damp,dreary day but not something to make you feel as if you NEED to see it urgently..

Joxer Film Rating

a mostly enjoyable fast action film noir..



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