Directed by and c0-written by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart,we find Wolverine in 2029,a despondent,arthritic,drunken chauffeur driver,feeling the ravages of old age,living in a kind of Mad Max-ian isolation in the desert and tending to the needs of a very old and almost senile Charles Xavier who can no longer control his powers and causes untold damage if not in a drug-induced state..

Logan is approached by a nurse from Transigen and is asked to escort her and a mutant 11 year old girl to safety in a place called Eden in North Dakota.Eventually,Logan has no choice to take the girl and so begins a road trip of discovery for him,Charles and the girl [known as Laura] as they avoid the Transigen security team who want the girl back and for the 2 aging mutants as they come to terms with their own mortality..

First off,This is NOT  a surperhero movie like the rest of the X-Men movies NOR is it suitable for children,this film is a Western-style film for adults,like Deadpool but without the humour.This is a proper film with a proper storyline and is probably the finest film in the X-men franchise.The film has depth,it has a wonderful charisma [thanks to Jackman] and some of the finest all-round performances found in the Marvel universe.Jackman’s portrayal of an aging Logan is mesmerising as he slowly succumbs to his own mortality.You feel every ache in his bones,every clench of his pus -soaked claw-retracting hands,every limp in his leg and he gives one of his finest on-screen performances.In fact,the cast ensemble is so perfect you feel so much sympathy and empathy for the characters that you just want to give them all a hug and tell them it will be ok when you know in your heart that it is all going to end in tears..

The reason why this film is not suitable for children is that there is a lot of hard violence,gore and ultra-intense fight scenes,with heads rolling and bloody,brutal action almost throughout the film.It is a hard-hitting,no-nonsense thriller and exactly what a grown up Marvel movie should be.If this is the finale for Wolverine he is going out with all guns blazing and the scene with the film Shane is there for a very good reason for that is exactly what Logan is in this film..

A truly wonderful film with stand-out performances all round and not a dry eye in the house..

No need to sit through the credits though,there is no Marvel Moment at the end..

Joxer Film Rating..

A heart-wrenching perfect finale



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