kong: skull island

Starring Tom Hiddleston,Brie Larson,Samuel L Jackson,John Goodman and host of others,Kong: Skull Island is a Monster movie in all senses of the word..

The film is made by the same people that gave us the 2014 Godzilla movie and you can tell that they mean business with this franchise.Unlike Godzilla,where we got hardly any glimpse of the creature,this film opens in WW2 with a full on close up of the beast known as Kong.A massive 100ft plus ape known as a “Monarch” creature living in a remote part of the Pacific region known as Skull Island.Fast forward nearly 30 years and it’s now the end of the Vietnam War and a new mission awaits a small battalion of US Army people,led by Samuel L Jackson who have been asked to escort a civilian operation to a remote island,little do they realise that they are all heading to the Kingdom of Kong,where all kinds of weird and not-so-wonderful creatures await their delights..

The Joxer Film Review..

This film does exactly what it says on the tin and then some.A wonderful hotpotch of monsters,cheesy one-liners and action galore,suitable for all ages.Samuel L Jackson hams it up wonderfully as Packard,the leader of the US Army folks,intent on revenge on Kong for the killing of his crew.He goes full Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now as the giant ape outwits him at every turn.Hiddleston and Larson play the more sober,concerned civilians who see Kong as the protector rather than the agitator and keep the film ticking along whilst all merry Hell breaks loose around them as Kong goes on the rampage.There are some fantastic deaths in this,as the baddies get their come-uppance and everything is done with tongue planted firmly in cheek with a camp gusto as the creatures get bigger and bigger and the action more crazier by the minute..

A wonderful Monster Movie that will keep anyone who likes a bit of popcorn matinee tomfoolery entertained and a film that needs to be seen in 3D on the biggest screen possible..

Stay with it until the very end of the credits for an extra bonus treat and sit back and enjoy the ride!


Joxer Film Rating

Monster Raving Magical



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