power rangers

Based on the long-running 1990’s tv series,this Dean Israelite directed superhero movie starts with our would be teenage heroes lives in a rut,spent mostly in detention in their local school and basically going nowhere fast.somehow the 5 of them all end up one evening in the local gold mine,young Billy and in honour of his late father,Billy sets off an explosive charge in the rock which reveals 5 different coloured stones which our deadbeat teenagers choose to keep and find themselves the next morning waking with superpowers and wanting to find out more.So begins their journey to becoming Power Rangers..

For what it’s worth,this is a rather enjoyable film.Yes,it’s silly and daft,rather camp and OTT at times but so was the tv series and the people behind this film know that and just went with it.The plot is formulaic and predictable as are all Origin Movies these days fater all the Marvel Movies but if you just want a nice bit of family friendly Saturday morning movie time to keep the kids occupied then you won’t go far wrong with this.The humour is there,laid on thick and given with much gusto and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments.In fact,I laughed more during this at the gags then I do through most comedy films.The humour at times can be a bit toiletry with references to milking a bull BUT there is nothing offensive and everything is played out with tongues so firmly planted in cheeks that surgical treatment may be required for removal.

This film is also brave enough to highlight other things too in a film aimed at a teenage audience.Billy is an openly autistic boy and is highlighted in a positive way living in the spectrum and Trini is an openly Lesbian teenager struggling to come to grips with her sexuality with her parents and relationships.However,the film doesn’t linger too much on that after the initial revelation and it’s quickly forgotten..

For the film itself,you do get everything you want from a comic book styled action movie.The action scenes are well done,the CGI is great,probably more suited for 3D and the film flows quite effortlessly and doesn’t have the annoying Michael Bay factors that make his films tediously tiresome.At just under 2 hours long it’s just the right amount of film length to keep the younger viewers engrossed and the older viewers entertained with references to other films from Die Hard to Highlander,there’s plenty in there for everyone and all the cast seem to be having a good ol’ jolly..

So grab the popcorn,leave the brain at the entrance to the cinema and just go with the flow and you won’t be disappointed for this film is everything that the Fantastic Four reboot wasn’t..

A thoroughly entertaining,Light-hearted,fun-filled,camp romp that will please all that just want to be entertained at the cinema..

Joxer Film Rating..

A Mighty Morphin



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