Ghost in the Shell


Based on the Japanese Manga animation and starring Scarlett Johansson, Ghost in the Shell is the story of a near-future society where the line between humans and cyborgs is getting increasingly blurred and where a woman has her brain implanted into the body of a cyborg to become the perfect soldier but who wants to know her past..

Borrowing heavily from a plethora of cyber-punk movies and classic sci-fi films,the film is a CGI feast that takes it’s time to get going and doesn’t quite get there.The film starts with a modern dystopian city with vast images plastered onto skyscrapers [ like the ones in BladeRunner ] and an introduction to the main character of Major,played by Johansson,who plays the role in a methodical,monosyllabic manner as her character gradually learns that she may not  be who she thinks she is [like The Matrix]..

The CGI is impressive and is the main feature of the film for the story is slow and predictable.In fact,it’s so predictable that you are always ten minutes ahead with the plot and there are no surprises or plot twists that make you go “didn’t see that coming!”..

What you see is what you get with this film,the list of films that Ghost in the Shell has been influenced by is endless.There are very heavy nods to Metropolis,Universal Soldier,Leon and just about every other film of that features cyborgs,dystopia and assassins that has ever been made and that is this films downfall for there is nothing original about it.Much like the main character of Major,the film struggles with it’s own identity,struggling to get one foot in front of the other as it stumbles along to a very predictable finale as she learns the truth of herself and takes the appropriate action.In the end the CGI becomes the focal point as it paints over the blandness of the plot and meandering storyline and thankfully it keeps the film from being a borefest.It didn’t help matters that the film screening was on the smallest screen in the cinema and not in the intended 3D but I shall save that rant for another day..may as well have been in black and white!

All in all,not a bad film but by no means a good one either,saved by the stunning CGI this could have been 2 hours of tedium but it wasn’t..

so if you want a Matrix version of BladeRunner then this is your film..

Probably better to stick to the Manga original version

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