going in style


Directed by Zach Braff [Scrubs]and starring movie stalwarts Morgan Freeman,Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, Going In Style is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name which also borrows heavily from the [far superior] British film Golden Years..

Freeman,Caine and Arkin are 3 life-long friends entering their retirement years only to find that the company they worked for is fleecing them for their pensions and their bank is ready to reclaim their houses.

Joe finds himself in the middle of a bank heist and decides that if the bank is going to steal his money he is going to steal it back.He ropes in his two friends and together they set about their caper..

This film plays it safe,really safe,safe in the way that everyone is wearing their best house slippers so they don’t damage the carpet.The characters,as charming as they are in their roles,keep well within their acting ranges and the film plods along merrily with a few laughs without actually being all that funny in the long run.It’s filmed nicely but it all comes across as a bit beige,all a bit twee,like a packet of those grandfather sweets that have been left open for too long,you know the ones..

At times the acting goes a bit dottery and so does the direction of the film and as it’s a remake of a 40 year old version and borrows heavily from Golden Years which is only a couple of years old as well,it all becomes way too familiar and predictable.Not even a cameo from Christopher Lloyd can raise the laughs above a bare minimal level..

However,with that in mind,the film is rather enjoyable in a sentimental, favourite grandparenty kind of way and doesn’t try to hide it.It will appeal to the older generation of cinema goer,the ones that like to bathe in lavender scented soaps and drink cheap sherry on a Sunday morning before a game of bowls on the village green and a game of dominoes in the pub with a warm ale afterwards,whilst the wife goes to the garden centre for some dahlias for the conservatory..

It’s not going to trouble any award categories any time soon and will be easily forgotten come the middle of next week but if you just want something twee and bland to waste a hour and a half with and don’t want anything that’s going to upset your granny then this will do the trick..

it’s all a bit Radio 4 on a Sunday for my liking but each to their own..

Joxer Film Rating

A Sunday morning Snoozing



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