Fast and Furious 8


Starring Vin Diesel,Dwayne Johnson,Charlize Theron,Jason Statham and a host of others,Fast and Furious 8 is an action movie directed by F Gary Gray and written [on the back of a stamp] by Chris Morgan..

The film starts with Vin Diesel’s and Michelle Rodriguez characters Dom Toretto and Letty Ortiz are in Cuba having a drag race and enjoying their honeymoon when Toretto is approached by cyberterrorist Cypher [Theron] to steal an EMP device from a military facility in Berlin.So,with the aid of his “family” [get used to that word in the film],Dom and the crew set off with the vast array of cars to Germany only to have Dom go rogue on them and team up with the evil Cypher,what does she have on him that would make him betray his crew..?

The film,is an explosive,action packed 2 hours of silly enjoyment.You can tell that most of the cast are having a [wrecking] ball of a time making the film and the jokes come at you thick and faster than most of the vehicles on view.Charlize Theron plays the villain with an evil pantomime wicked witch tone which blends well with the film and there are some nice turns by Statham as Deckard Shaw who has a great comedic bit with a baby on a plane and there are nice cameo’s throughout by previous characters in the franchise.Johnson however,does come across as if he’s had enough now and doesn’t have his usual excitement and enthusiasm about his performance and tends to phone it in at times..

The action,which at times can be predictable but enjoyable,does keep the film flowing but I think they have run out of ideas on what vehicles to use now, for tanks and submarines seem to be the order of the day with this film and it all seems to be a bit Michael Bay at times with obvious explosions in slow-motion.

There is however,plenty of action and suspense and humour to keep the audience entertained and if you want to play a drinking game,have a shot of something strong every time Dom says the word “family”,you’ll think it’s in 3D by the end of the film..

anyway,it’s a rip-roaring,engine pumping enjoyable bit on nonsense that will keep you entertained on a wet Wednesday evening..

Joxer Film Rating



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