Pirates of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

We are into Summer Blockbuster season good and proper when we have the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean..

Starring,as always,Johnny Depp as the wonderful Captain Jack Sparrow and joined this time by Brentan Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario [Effy from Skins] as his sidekicks and Javier Bardem as the evil villain Salazar,we venture off for more adventures on the high seas.

A brief summary of the plot finds Will Turner’s son Henry searching for Jack Sparrow hoping to restore his father from the curse of The Flying Dutchman whilst also searching for the Trident of Poseidon [try saying that 5 times quickly].Along the way he crosses the path of Carina Smyth,a headstrong young academic woman who assists young Henry with his plan.All this goes on whilst Salazar seeks his revenge on Captain Jack for luring him to his death many years ago.Zombie pirates always seem to have a grudge with Jack Sparrow…

As things go,this is a very enjoyable romp of a film.Pure panto with slapstick comedy from all angles and action scenes that will please fans of the franchise from beginning of the film to the end of the credits [stay to the very end!]

Johnny Depp,as always,excels in the role that he has made his own,the drunken sea wary Captain who seems to bungle along from one near catastrophe to the next and still managing to come up smelling of roses at the end of it.

After the disappointment of On Stranger Tides it’s nice to see things back on form.This time the supporting cast are of better quality and Kaya Scodelario really shines as Carina Smyth,a lass with a past and a future unknown.The action scenes are also worth the price of a ticket alone.A willingness to be adventurous with the outrageous escapades also helps and the stunt men and women certainly earned their wages..

The swashbuckling comes at you thick and fast,the quips even faster and there’s a lovely cameo from a certain music legend as Jack’s uncle.Film snobs will naturally hate it as they don’t like family friendly movies and hate it when film studio’s do films in a successful franchise,but if you just want a 2 hour film that doesn’t take itself seriously and will have you laughing along at the cheesy one-liners then this is the film for you.You will leave the cinema in good spirits and a smile on your faces..

The villains all get a good death and I doubt we have seen the last of Captain Jack and his cast of misfits!

A very entertaining romp of revelry and swashbuckling sword swishing and well worth a viewing,preferably on the biggest screen and on the best viewing format possible..

I will be ordering the 3D version on Blu-Ray asap..

Joxer Film Rating

an avast me ‘earties pirate pleasuring..



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