Wonder Woman


Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot,Chris Pine,David Thewlis,Danny Huston and Connie Nielson..

The film begins with Diana Prince in Paris in modern times receiving a package from Bruce Wayne containing the photo of her as seen in Batman V Superman.The film then goes into flashback mode to 1918 as we get the back story of how Diana Prince became Wonder Woman.

A stylishly,stunning film from beginning to end brings to life the legacy of Wonder Woman,with a powerful performance from Gal Gadot in the title role and strong direction from Patty Jenkins as we finally get a DC film worthy of the comic books and a film where glass ceilings are broken all over the place and the cinematic world will hopefully never be the same again..

An almost all female cast drive the film forward with the vigour and panache of all the other comic book films but without the main characters seeming meek and mild and not needing rescuing by their brave manly counterparts.

Gal Gadot carries the flag with ease,once again showing that she is perfect for the role of Wonder Woman as she gives the character an all round dimension,a caring soul with compassion and love in her heart,trying her best to save mankind from the ravages of war and self destruction.There is a scene in No Man’s Land so harrowing and yet tender that will leave a lump in your throat as you watch it..

The story itself is your basic comic book origins story but written with a warmth and acted with love for the soul of the story of it that you tend to let the fact that it has similarities to Captain America:First Avenger throughout.

It’s artistic without getting patronising,without telling you the plot as you watch it and allows you to embrace the characters flaws as they battle their own inner demons before finding their goals in their lives..

A thoroughly entertaining film does have it’s drawbacks though and it’s the male lead character.Chris Pine is basically Captain Kirk Steve Trevor and at times it’s so obvious that he becomes annoying with it.There must be other actors in Hollywood who could have played this part without using someone more famous from another franchise? it was distracting and it was annoying.

The action scenes are very visual and well thought out and the humour is on the mark all the way through.Some of the CGI is a bit low-budget at times but don’t let it get in the way of a superb 2 hour comic book superhero movie that looked great in 3D.

Finally,a DC film worthy of praise and the best female lead comic book film since Tank Girl burst forth onto the big screen.

A must see for all fans of the iconic Wonder Woman and fans of comic book films alike and the time of the woman in film needing rescuing from their male counterparts is well and truly over..

A new era of cinema has been born..

Joxer Film Rating..

A Wonderous

9/10 [4 stars]



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