Baby Driver


Starring Ansel Elgort,Lily James,Kevin Spacey,Jamie Foxx,Jon Bernthal,Eiza Gonzalez and Jon Hamm,Baby Driver is a film written and directed by Edgar Wright,famous for the “Cornetto Trilogy” of movies.

Brief plot summary:

“Baby” is a young man [Elgort] caught in the seedy underbelly of Chicago’s gangster world.A getaway driver for Doc [Spacey] who lost his parents in a car crash as a kid which also left him with tinnitus.He keeps the tinnitus at bay by listening to music at all times.He also makes music from conversations he’s had during the day and remixing them at home which eventually leads to a confrontation with the psychotic “Bats” [Foxx] when the last job Baby does for Doc goes horribly wrong and ends with Baby and his girlfriend Debora [James] on the run from everybody..

Joxer Film Review:

Baby Driver is one snazzy film.From the opening sequence of Baby getting the coffee and walking the streets [like the opening of Staying Alive] whilst Harlem Shuffle plays on his Ipod [and on the walls around him] to the finale of a car chase played out to every second of Queen’s Brighton Rock,this film is a joy to watch from beginning to end.

Edgar Wright lives and breathes every inch of this film.The detail that’s in it is immense and every single song fits perfectly around the amazing action throughout the movie.The film is a stylish,sophisticated,spot on piece of film-making.A thrilling gangster movie where Bonnie & Clyde meets Reservoir Dogs and everything has the right tone,the right specifics to detail that makes this one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

Jamie Foxx is great as the quite mad “Bats”,Kevin Spacey has his best role for ages and Elgort and James are perfect for their sincere performances as Baby and Debora.

The star of the show though is the music.The collections of songs throughout the film are as much a part of the film as the acting,with every screech of a tyre,every pop from a gun and every bump in the road fitting perfectly with the song playing on Baby’s Ipod.It carries you on through the film which doesn’t let up until we get to the fantastic climax of the film which will bring Queen’s Sheer Heart Attack album to a whole new audience and Brighton Rock to a now,almost guaranteed cult status in cinema history..

This is one helluva’s perfectly filmed,the cinematic colours are just right and it’s a must see for anyone who likes films like Bullet,French Connection style car chases and thrill-a-second action.There are no downsides to this movie,just go and watch it and thank me afterwards..

Joxer Film Rating

A sizzling,sleek,stylish,sophistication of cinema


5 stars




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