The Dark Tower


The Joxer Film Review of The Dark Tower..

Directed by and co-written by Nikolaj Arcel and based on the Stephen King novels,The Dark Tower stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as The Gunslinger and The Man in Black respectively,nemesis to the bitter end in this science fiction western film.

Now,first things first,I haven’t read the novels so I can not compare film to book so this review will be [as it should be anyway] done with what I saw from seat E12 in the local cinema.

Plot summary without spoilers..

Young New Yorker Jake Chambers has dreams about a gunslinger and an evil Man in Black,who’s sole aim is to destroy the Dark Tower that protects us from sinister beings from outside our universe.Throughout time these two have been fighting the same battle as the world known as Keystone-Earth carries on without knowledge of it’s fate.Eventually,Jake Chambers finds a portal to other parts of the universe where he meets The Gunslinger who then has to protect him from The Man in Black and his nefarious helpers..

The Film Review..

A disjointed film that pleases at times and frustrates at others,The Dark Tower has some potential as a Highlander-style film with flashbacks but is hindered by the dodgy editing throughout the film as scenes appear to be cut in mid-scene and the flow of the film staggers from one bit to the next as the film flip flops from one dimension to the next and we come to the inevitable and predictable conclusion.

That’s not to say that the film is not all bad.The action scenes are well done in a cheesy western kind of way and the shoot outs are fine,whilst Idris Elba plays the droll gunslinger well.Once again though we get the other side of the coin,which is a feature of this film,that The Man in Black just comes across as a wet lettuce of a villain,who uses mind control to get what he wants and fiddles with his crystal balls whilst his hoodlums do the dirty work.It’s full on ham in that department..

You need to pay close attention as the plot jumps from one vast and bleak world to the next for you can easily find yourself wondering the heck is going on,although,once again,these bits would be much better if it wasn’t for the dodgy editing.

This is one film that really needed to be much longer that it actually is.Everything seems condensed and squished into the 90 minutes of the duration of the film and comes across as rushed and mashed together.A 3 hour gradual unfurling of the plot would have given the film more time to adapt and for the cast to bring more to their roles.It does feel cobbled together..

The film is at times visually impressive,with the dark and moody style being not too creepy and just a fleeting glance of the monsters that lurk in the outer universe.The sound is one of the best things in the film.With eerie bits coming at you from all angles and the sounds of the bullets whizzing around your ears.If only the same care had been taken with cutting room floor.Wonder how much was chopped from the film..?

However,this film is a lot better than I thought it would be despite all the hacks and jumpy scenes.

If you just want a Saturday evening popcorn style Western movie then you won’t go far wrong with this.If you are expecting something more than that then you may be disappointed ..

Joxer Film Rating..

A pew-pew-pew finger shooting


3 1/2 stars


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