Blade Runner 2049

The Joxer Film Review of Blade Runner 2049

Written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, and directed by Denis Villeneuve,Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to classic neo-noir film Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford,who reprises his role as Deckard in a film set 30 years after the original film.

Story analysis

30 years have indeed passed since Deckard “retired” the rogue Nexus 8 replicants led by Rutger Hauer.He and Rachel have vanished and during this 30 year period and even more civil unrest has occurred.Niander Wallace,a mysterious businessman [Jared Leto] has taken over the fallen Tyrell Corporation and re-introduced the bioengineered replicants back into society to ease the burden on the human race but Blade Runners are still around to track down the earlier rogue model replicants and “retire” them.

One of these Blade Runners K [Ryan Gosling] tracks down one of these early models but finds more than he was bargaining on after he retires him and so begins a journey of self-discovery and new beginnings that could bring dramatic change to the human race and the replicant society..

The Joxer Film Review

This visually stunning spectacle of a movie will have you gripped from the opening scene to the very end.A jaw dropping array of sci-fi special effects do something that I doubt anyone thought would be possible,a film that surpasses the magnificence of the original film of 1982.

The mood of the film is spot on.It encapsulates the very essence of the original film with every single frame of film.The dynamics of what is in front of you means that this film needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible.I saw it in 3D which just made the whole thing mind-blowingly brilliant.Every single shot just oozes class and is one the greatest things on a screen that I have ever seen.

It is clear that this film has been made by people who not just know the film inside out but also have a love for all the characters that are some of most rounded characters that have been put on screen.You will love and loathe all the right people and become part of their story.

Love is indeed the emphasis in this film.The love of Deckard and Rachel,the love of K and Joi and the love for his “family” that Wallace has created for himself are there for all to see and to believe in.

The acting throughout is top notch.Ryan Gosling excels as K,a sympathetic Blade Runner that has his own [electric] dreams and Ana De Armas is stunningly self-conscious as she begins the existence she has always craved.There is a genuine love story going on there that the audience watching can believe in.

Harrison Ford gives one of his finest performances on screen as the rugged Detective Deckard.He gives the impression that he has indeed been waiting 30 years for his moment to shine once more and isn’t going to let us down..

There are loads of moments in this film that will just have you gasping in amazement at the sheer scale of thought that has been put into this film.The stunning skylines,the vastness of desert sculptures,the electric vibe of city life,the emptiness of the human soul and the despair of human society.It is an incredible visual experience of CGI goodies that will give your senses a near nuclear explosion overload.You are drawn into this wonderful world of grit and grimness and then bounced around the room as the graphics,the incredible Hans Zimmer gut-wrenching music and the stunning scenes leave you breathless for the next neo-noir chapter in this near 3 hour story.There are many loose ends in the film that do suggest that this not the last we have seen of the Blade Runner’s..

Denis Villeneuve has taken his film Arrival and raised it to another level to give us this majestic modern masterpiece of a movie that will fast become one of the greatest films of all time..

It is a must see for anyone that likes their sci-fi to be big and bold and want to see things that you people would not believe..

Joxer Film Rating

A Mind Melting Stunning Spectacle On the Silver Screen..


5 stars




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