The Joxer Film Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Directed by Taiki Waititi and starring Chris Hemsworth,Tom Hiddleston,Cate Blanchett,Jeff Goldblum,Tessa Thompson,Mark Ruffalo,and Karl Urban.

Brief plot summary..

Thor:Ragnarok the 17th film in this Marvel Universe and the follow-up to Thor:Dark World bursts forth on to the screens after Avengers: Age of Ultron and with Thor [Chris Hemsworth] looking for the Infinity Stones which brings him chained up,captured in the realm of Sultur [Clancy Brown] who informs Thor that all is not well on Asgard and that Odin is not even on Asgard and that soon Ragnarok will bring death and destruction upon the place.So begins Thor’s very varied journey throughout the universe [and a brief stint on Earth with an umbrella] to stop Ragnarok,to defeat the evil Hela [Blanchett] who decides she is the rightful ruler of Asgard and restore order to the chaos that ensues..oh,there is also the small matter of having to fight one of his Avenger friends to the death as well.Just an average day for the God [Lord] of Thunder!

Joxer Film Review..

As far as Marvel Movies go,this is one of the best so far.Easily the best Thor movie by a country mile,this film pulls no punches and isn’t afraid to go where other Marvel films have feared to tread.

It’s a fast-paced action movie,a colourful visual spectacle that harks back to the 1980’s sci-fi’s films of Flash Gordon,Battle Beyond the Stars and with a computer/electronic music score that could have come straight out of Tron.There are homages to the genre all over the screen,some blatantly obvious some more subtle and viewers will be looking for the Easter Eggs until the end of days arrive..

The film itself has tongue planted so firmly in it’s cheek that at times it does get lost in it’s own awesomeness and slips into a cliche more times than it needs to.Yes,we get it that this has far more humour in it than the previous Thor films,but unlike Guardians of the Galaxy which knows when to rein the humour in,this film doesn’t do that and the jokes tend to get a teeny bit tedious and feel forced after awhile,especially the Valkyrie character which becomes a pastiche of every “superhero” that’s been onscreen.Her character does tend to “try too hard” to be funny and is more often a miss than a hit..

On the plus side though the film is an exceptional showcase for Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to show the chemistry that have made Thor and Loki two of the Marvel Universe’s favourite characters.They know exactly what to do on the screen and their energy bounces off each other with great aplomb.

Cate Blanchett as the evil Hela is magnificent and hams it up wonderfully and shows why she is one of the best actresses out there and Jeff Goldblum plays Jeff Goldblum to the hilt and gets to deliver some of the best lines in the film,although Loki’s line about wanting to enter the “devils anus” wins hands down for best line.They may have also stumbled on a new favourite character in the rock-man Korg which went down well with the audience in attendance..

There is a lot going on in this film.Some of the jumping from one place to another can leave the audience a bit confused if they are not familiar with any “magicians”.The action,fast paced and furious as it is,is also a visual showcase,an array of special effects that burn through your eyes and sear their images into the brain and drag you kicking and screaming into the stunning universe that has been created.

If you want a film that is just a wonderful piece of glorious Saturday matinee movie nonsense that doesn’t take itself seriously and with a very large pinch of salt then this is the tonic and the alternative to the very cerebral Blade Runner 2049 for this is pop-candy at it’s finest,a full on romp with cameo’s from the rich and famous coming at you from all angles with fans of other Waititi’s films in “the know” with roles for other actors in this film that will leave you exhausted with laughter at it’s sheer OTT.Some of it is just “too much” though as it tries to be another Guardians of the Galaxy and not just be Thor..

One for the family to enjoy,kids will love the new characters,adults will get the humour and it’s safe for granny to watch too.

It is definitely worth a viewing and is thoroughly enjoyable and does exactly what it says on the tin..

Joxer Film Rating


4 and 1/2 stars


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