Justice League

The Joxer Film Review of Justice League.

Directed by Zack Snyder with a screenplay by Joss Whedon and Chris Terrio, Justice League stars an ensemble cast of Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa and Ray Fisher, a band of super-hero’s that come together to save Earth from the evil-doings of Steppenwolf [no not them], an alien entity intent on retrieving the “mother boxes” on planet Earth and to be free from his servitude of Darkseid. Can the evil despot be stopped before the “parademons” take over the planet..?

The latest film in this series finds Superman is dead, Batman [the excellent Affleck] and his faithful butler Alfred [the wonderfully droll Jeremy Irons] have set themselves the task of recruiting a team of superhero’s first glimpsed in Batman V Superman to help protect the planet from the dangers witnessed at the end of BVS. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman [Gal Gadot] has already thrown her sword into the mix but now comes the time for 3 new recruits, Aquaman [Jason Mamoa], The Flash [Ezra Miller] and Cyborg [Ray Fisher] and the first part of this film is spent introducing us to these people as Bruce Wayne seeks them out..

Unlike the Marvel Universe where we are giving ample time for us to get to know our new friends DC have just thrown us [and them] into the deep end and hope we take it on board very quickly who these people are and what they bring to the screen. In fairness this works ok for the most part in this film, some of the opening 20 minutes is jumping all over the place as we get thrown back and forth with the building up of the formation of the Justice League but with the possible exception of the Cyborg character which really did need to be given more explanation I did feel that The Flash and Aquaman fitted quickly and neatly into the story.

As always with Zack Snyder films, the story does get disjointed at times and certain characters needn’t have been in it at the start of the film, Lois Lane for instance is in the film far too soon..

Once the first 20 minutes are over though the film settles down nicely and the characters bond well and the storyline develops into an entertaining two hours of fantastic comic book action. The quips are witty and genuinely funny but not so slapstick as the latest Thor movie, especially Barry Allen/The Flash as an awkward lonely young man who tries his best to fit in. I am now looking forward to seeing his own stand alone film in the next couple of years, it should be a blast!

The action scenes are well created with Wonder Woman getting her fair share of the scenes and battle sequences and it all comes across as a great popcorn movie. The film is nicely shot, the characters for the most part are believable and the next step of this DC Universe can be taken now the team has been fully integrated.

Any downsides? well, naturally with these films the disjointedness can be an issue if you are not familiar with the characters but if you are familiar then you will be fine. Steppenwolf is a half-decent CGI villain but I would have liked more of a back story on who this baddie was as it’s rushed through during the film as is the meaning of the Mother Boxes and not much depth is given. One can also tell that this film has been heavily edited for cinema release. There will no doubt be an extended version on DVD in the future with at least an extra 30 minutes, for that’s what feels like is missing from this version.

Over-all though this film is thoroughly entertaining and highly enjoyable if you want a kind of cheesy popcorn bit of froth that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Just go with the flow and sit back and enjoy the show for it does exactly what it says on the tin..

So ignore any snobby critics that look down their noses at films that are for the people and have an enjoyable 2 hours at the cinema with your mates and come out with a smile on your face afterwards..

It’s not perfect by any means but it’s still a fun offering.Just go with it..

Joxer Film Rating

A Wonder Woman Booshing thoroughly entertaining and superb


4 stars



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