Insidious: The Last Key


The Joxer Film Review of Insidious: The Last Key..

Starring Lin Shaye as Elise, Insidious: The Last Key is the latest instalment in Leigh Whannell’s Insidious franchise and is a prequel to the very first film.

Focusing on the popular character of Elise, Insidious: The Last Key gives the audience an insight and more depth to how she became involved with the original Insidious story.

From a perspective of her abusive upbringing [father was a drunk that would hit her] to her ghostly connections with the less than friendly spectres, the film develops around her character and enhances her back story of her New Mexico childhood.

Many years later, a phone call from the latest residence of her old house [“I refuse to call it a home, as it never was one”-Elise] brings back all the pain and suffering of her childhood as she returns to confront her past and her own personal demons, with the re-introduction of her long lost brother and his two daughters bringing more angst and pain into her life.

Can Elise overcome her own old fears whilst confronting the new ones in front of her..?


This is the 4th instalment in the Insidious franchise and it shows.

Despite an excellent performance by Shaye in the main role the rest of the film plods along in a tired, tepid and blandly boring rate that is more insipid than insidious.

A mixed bag of supernatural and horror that only picks up pace half way through the film and has a predictable and non-original conclusion, the film lacks imagination and suspense.With a support cast that tries it’s best to come to terms with what’s on offer with their roles it is up to Shaye to keep the boat afloat and she does..just!

The dialogue and direction of the film moves along at such a slow pace for the first third of the film that one is ahead of it all before things actually happen.The tension of the supposed horror never really materialises and left me shrugging my shoulders with a silent “meh” more than once as it staggers along to it’s predictable final third of the film.

Even then ,given the chance for a fitting finale, the film stagnates and offers not much more than an insight into parts of the first Insidious film as the horror’s are revealed.

The film ends with a “is that it?” taste in the mouth and hopefully that is it, for the franchise looks as if it has run out of ideas and originality and is just limping along until someone puts the poor thing out of it’s misery..

The film really should be called Insipid: The Last Nail in the Coffin..

Not a film to rush out for on a cold Winter’s night but not a total disaster thanks to Lin Shaye’s acting abilities..

Joxer Film Rating

3 stars



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