Black Panther


The Joxer Film Review of Black Panther..

Directed by Ryan Cooglar and starring a host of excellent actors including  Chadwick Boseman, as T’Challa / Black Panther, alongside Michael B. Jordan,Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Andy Serkis , Black Panther is the 18th film in this Marvel Universe and one of the first major outlet,big budget films to feature a majority cast of black actors and actresses, [although Blade must be one of the first,if not THE first, black superhero movie?] something that has been mentioned by nearly every film critic/reviewer of the film so there is no need for me to mention much about it.Let’s instead concentrate solely on the film and it’s standings in the film world and in the Marvel Universe.The colour of ones skin should not be an issue in this day and age in films,art or music..

Set in the fictional [yes America, fictional!] country of Wakanda and following on from Captain America: Civil War and a brief prologue describing the origins of how vibranium came to end up in the country, how it shaped the region and how Wakanda is kept secret from the rest of the world, we find T’Challa coming to terms with his fathers death and his rise to being king and protector of the country as the Black Panther.

There is a also a back story set in 1992 of how Erik “Killmonger Stevens came about and how his life was changed for the worst.This helps to set up the protagonist’s desires on the throne of Wakanda and his hatred for T’Challa.How one fatal moment changed a boy’s life completely and how someone who could have grown to be a good person was turned into a bad one by one moment..

A beautifully coloured and vibrant scenery awaits the viewer with African culture aplenty throughout the film.A stunning visual array of backdrops, music and authentic African ethnic life bursts forth from the screen and encases the viewer with every piece of the 2 hour film.

We have come a long way since Iron Man 10 years ago and this film shows exactly where Marvel is heading in the future.

Stunning acting performances from Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan are equally matched and I may actually say bettered by the female cast in this film. You don’t mess with these ladies, they make the Amazonians in Wonder Woman look like Girl Guides! Fiercely competitive and strong willed, the wonderful female cast led by Danai Gurira and Angela Basset take control of this film and lead it into another scope completely.Marvel must make the most of these acting masterpieces and give them their own Marvel movie for they are just too good to be the sidekicks..

The villains of the piece are nasty as they come. Andy Serkis sinks his considerable talent and teeth into the role of Ulysses Klaue but Michael B Jordan is on another level.He almost takes the best baddie in a Marvel movie from Loki and is on a par with The Red Skull as the villainist villain and oozes nastiness in every scene.

The action scenes are off the chart and the stunts,CGI and gadgetry make this look a bit like a Bond film at times, especially with Letitia Wright’s gadget-making Q-like Shuri stealing the screen every time she appears.I could quite happily watch her with Valkyrie and Black Widow taking on the world in some sort of Marvel future, an excellent performance from her.

The film itself builds slowly as the brooding sibling rivalries take the viewer to a stunning finale in the heart of Wakanda’s technological hub of the country and this is also it’s downfall as it highlights the weakness of the film which is it’s generic feature once you take away the style of the film.

A leads to B which leads to C which leads to D in this film.It is Marvel by numbers. There are no twists to the tale, everything plays out exactly as you would expect it too and it’s all a bit “behind the wizard’s curtain” and predictable in plot.

Another drawback in the film is Martin Freeman as the CIA operative Everett K Ross, who’s dodgy American accent will have you cringing in embarrassment at it.With all the talk over the casting in this film I wonder why they couldn’t find an American to play his role?

In the end, Black Panther does exactly what it sets out to do, believable characters, fantastic action scenes and excellent performances from a vast majority of the cast.Once you get underneath the surface though it becomes just another Marvel movie and the hype for the film is maybe it’s own undoing..?

A solid spectacular film,a good addition to the Marvel franchise but don’t believe the hype,you will be disappointed if you do..

Joxer Film Rating

Wakanda Forever!




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